Good morning,

My name is Christian Parant. I’ve been a coach for 20 years in France, accompanying managers and directors in their professional and personal evolution, in both large international groups or SMEs. My ability to work in video-conferencing allows me to collaborate with companies regardless of their geographic location. My job is to develop your company’s human potential by reconciling growth and efficiency without additional salary costs. Act positively and quickly in order to:

  • Develop and individualized management vs “undifferenciated” management
  • Develop growth vs stress
  • Develop motivation vs turn-over
  • Develop efficiency vs energy-waste
  • Develop a better work environment instead of spending money, energy and fight against psychosocial risks
  • A positive return on investment
  • Individual or collective coaching and training
  • Measures which can be done remotely
  • Exceptional efficiency of approach: results/dedicated time-costs
  • Approaches that reconcile growth and efficiency
  • An extremely high level of customer satisfaction