Youniting Sàrl

Nicolas von Burg has been an entrepreneur, a coach, a supervisor and a professional trainer for many years. Thanks to his leadership experience and a proven interpersonal and pedagogical ability, Nicolas communicates and shares his passion for human development through his company Youniting, its partners and clients.

For more than 20 years, he has accompanied, followed and guided individuals and teams in various environments: personal life, business, sport and arts. He gives training, practice Coaching and Supervision to a wide audience, either to help its clients improve their performance or to enable them to find or regain meaning in their personal and/or professional development processes.

Nicolas von Burg is Individual Coach and Certified Team Coach, he is Certified Adult Trainer, Certified PNL Teacher by the Society of NLP (USA) and CSA Certified Coach Supervisor (Coaching Supervision Academy). He studied with Karyn Prentice, Christina Hall, Sam Magill, Robert Dilts, Gilles Roy and Stephen Gilligan. He is a member of the Dilts Strategy Group Leadership Team. As a former international tennis player and coach, he has extensive experience in mental and emotional management and coaching. He founded and ran a tennis academy for 10 years. He is also the author of “Beat the Loser”, published by Editions Amphora. Finally, Nicolas von Burg is the co-founder of the Inspired Leaders meeting.