PULSIONS, a unique tool

PULSIONS allows you to identify your natural way of acting and expressing yourself.

What influences your success and fulfilment? What can hinder it? Among the multitude of behavioural tests, PULSIONS is unique! It is the only tool that is fine-tuned enough to tell you how and in which situations your behaviours are activated.

1 hour to change your life

PULSIONS is a behavioural test to learn to understand yourself better! Success, efficiency, pleasure, mastery, profit, change, reputation, human relationships… What if you became aware of what really motivates you to act in life?
Created by professionals, for professionals and available to all, PULSIONS is a unique test: there is no other on the market. The method is reliable, scientifically validated and helps you to better understand yourself and others. Practical, you can apply your new knowledge immediately… and you will see, everyone says: “It’s amazing”.
  • 30

    minutes on average to complete the test

  • 280

    questions to better understand you

  • 2003

    year of creation

Ready to unlock your potential ?

Any questions?

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